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Research shows that people live up to seven years not only longer but happier, and

in a healthier physical, mental and emotional state by...

Staying active and engaged in life

Connecting with people in our environment

Contributing our skills in a meaningful way

Leaving a community legacy and inspiring others 

Many people have the desire to make a difference, to utilize valuable life experiences and to pass on their legacy. Many are looking to develop new relationships with other mentors and mentees alike.

Villages offer the spirit of connection as well as opportunity for service.

How can you help?

Check out the volunteer opportunities listed in the FAQ section of the website and send us an email: We'll be happy to contact you and help you get started.

     Why Volunteer?

     “Add life to years,

    not just years to life.” 

                    --Karen Middleton



Volunteering is a key aspect of the Village model. Villages draw on the untapped skills of neighbors helping neighbors.

Cross-generational relationships through volunteering and mentorship can be of lifelong value to all parties involved.Youth as well as elders are valued and respected for their ideas and skills.

Reciprocity is the basis for developing and sustaining relationships. We all need help in different ways, at different times, and  for different reasons. We can pay it forward now so we feel more comfortable asking for help when it's needed.