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   Village membership provides so many benefits at so little cost!


You can meet new people and call on us for help around the house, for transportation, and a variety of other chores as well as participate in family-friendly social and community events.

Keep in touch with friends

and make new ones!


Enjoy an ice cream social
on the Village Green!

Learn new skills!


Bring your family to movie night on the Green!

And there's more!

Social connection- Many health studies have shown that living in community has positive impacts on a person’s mental and physical health. Intergenerational relationships can create a valued and lasting impression on each of the participants.


Volunteerism: Contributing in a meaningful way, beginning at a young age and lasting throughout one’s life, builds self-esteem in people of all ages. When neighbors help neighbors, everyone's lives are enriched.


Monthly Fees: Tollgate Village's monthly membership fee will be $10 per individual and $15 per household of two or more members.

How the membership fees are used: This fee supports the costs associated with operating a legal non-profit organization, website maintenance and other expenses associated with advertising and social events. We have no paid staff.

Free trial membership: Thanks to two small grants, we are providing a free trial membership to allow any neighbor to explore the Tollgate Village website.

Enrichment programs: Villages offer educational and cultural enrichment programs as well as social activities to maintain intellectual vibrancy for those participating.

Neighborhood resilience: Connected neighborhoods feel safer and are better able to withstand times of crisis because people are looking out for one another. We are not in this alone.

Vendor List: Finding a reliable and trustworthy service vendor in the broader community can sometimes be difficult. Sisters Villages will simply keep and  exchange a list of member’s vendor recommendations based on first-hand experience.

A Note on Affordability: Villages were originally designed for those who wish to age in place for as long as possible with a little help from their friends. Compared to the costs of other forms of adult living such as adult foster homes, assisted living homes, or nursing homes, the cost of a Village membership is by far the most affordable. Villages offer family members living far from aging parents reassurance of support that is well worth the cost of sponsoring membership in a Village. Each individual Village's members determine their own fee and fundraising approach.