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WAIT!! Isn't this just for senior citizens?

No! We know this could be a little confusing because many of the Villages around the country and the world are indeed focused on helping seniors age in place. However, Age Friendly Sisters Country, our sponsoring organization, is focused on inclusive living for all ages--literally, friendly to all ages! Here in Tollgate, we want to include all of our neighbors--families, seniors, couples, singles, dogs, cats, bunnies ... We want to be a truly inclusive, multigenerational, safe and enjoyable Village. We hope you will join us!

Is Tollgate Village part of the

Tollgate Property Owners Association?

No, we are not! Tollgate Village is partnering with the Tollgate Property Owners Association; we are two separate nonprofits, with TPOA board member Jennifer Horrocks as the liaison from the TPOA board to the Village.

Tollgate Village is focused on social connections and service to our neighbors, as well as building relationships among Tollgate residents. As a separate non-profit organization, we will collaborate with TPOA in building positive relationships and better utilizing our common assets. 

Can anybody become a Tollgate Village member?

Once again, no. Tollgate Village members must be either renters or property owners in Tollgate. Activities and events will be for Tollgate renters or property owners only.

What does a membership cost and what is the money used for?

Members will pay a small monthly fee of $10 per individual or $15 for a household of two or more. (To explore all the benefits of membership, click here:

Membership fees help cover the costs associated with running a legal nonprofit association, website maintenance, and other support costs, such as printing and incidentals. We have no paid employees.

Thanks to two small grants, we are providing a free trial membership to allow any neighbor to explore the Tollgate Village website. Membership fees will be requested eventually!

Who has access to my contact information and how is my privacy protected?

Full access to our website is strictly limited to Tollgate Village members. Your privacy is protected and will not be shared outside the Tollgate Village without your express permission.

Public access is limited to general information about the Village. Only those Tollgate residents with current paid memberships, plus the website administrators, will have a password to access the membership directory and members' contact information.

The website allows our volunteer coordinator to match helpers with individual service requests quickly and easily through a coordinated buddy check-in system and mapping program. Members may also limit any features at any time.

In addition, there is no advertising on our website and no tracking, as the Helpful Village software program is designed for the sole purpose of supporting Village activities.


 This looks like a website from a company from outside of Oregon? Is it for profit or not for profit?

Helpful Village, based in Berkeley, California, is simply the web platform provider for nonprofit Villages around the country. Just like Facebook or WordPress or other platforms, its logo is included at the top of the web page. Helpful Village provides technical support, and it does not review or control our original content. We couldn't do this without their technical help!

Is there an individual in Tollgate who is in charge? Is that a paid position? Was this discussed at a Tollgate Property Owners board meeting??

A small but dedicated group of Tollgate residents is involved in this early planning: Chris Laing, Jane Killefer, Laura West, Aylsa Williams and Kathy Campbell. Trust us, no one is getting paid!! Tollgate Village is partnering with the Tollgate Property Owners Association; we are two separate nonprofits, with TPOA board member Jennifer Horrocks as the liaison from the board to the Village.

What is the Village Hub and Spoke model?

Villages are generally operated under the auspices of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with strict fiscal reporting rules and other administrative responsibilities carried out by a board of directors. Setting up and maintaining a nonprofit organization is a labor of love, and it is common practice for Villages to share their costs and oversight by organizing under a common "parent organization," as we have done under Age Friendly Sisters Country. In Sisters Country, AFSC is the "hub" and Tollgate Village is the first "spoke."


How Can I Help?

We are so glad you asked!

Tollgate Village is an all-volunteer organization, so we would love your help! With so many ways to get involved, we hope you will join us! Here are some of the opportunities available:

  • Website graphics, design and maintenance
  • Fundraising and/or fee accounting
  • Communication (photograph events and activities, interview members and write for Village newsletter, post community resources)
  • Plan activities and events for families, teens and children
  • Office tasks (answering or routing phone inquiries, data entry, produce and distribute informational materials, make posters, provide resources)
  • Transportation (Become a Tollgate STARS driver or dispatcher providing rides to and from medical appointments, or providing medication and/or meal/ grocery pickup and delivery until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and rides to shopping and social events can be offered as well.)
  • Organize social, educational and cultural enrichment events and activities; match mentors and mentees
  • Social visits (converse, read, play games, share stories--a great intergenerational opportunity)
  • Telephone calls (become a Phone Buddy for weekly check-ins, service follow-up conversations)
  • Household tasks (occasional cleaning, repairs, groceries, trash)
  • Organization (mail, decluttering, calendars, phone calls, appointments)
  • Technological support to members (computers, phones, home electronics)
  • Yard and garden care (raking pine needles, watering, pruning, haul away yard debris)
  • Short-term pet care (walking, changing litter box, feeding)
  • Minor maintenance (clear walkways, change light bulbs, move trash to curb)
  • Running errands (pick up prescriptions, grocery shopping)
  • Accompany members to appointments and activities (doctors, market, walks)
  • Donate or sponsor a membership