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The Village Movement has a fascinating--and successful--story to tell. Founded in Boston almost 20 years ago as a way to help residents age in place, there are now more than 140 open villages around the world.


As the Village Movement has grown, it has also evolved: "It has been a joy to see variations on our model as more villages open.  As villages develop ways to learn from each other, the Village to Village Network (VtV) can help. VtV offers a powerful way for villages to exchange ideas, pool resources, and share new tools."

The Sisters Villages, with Tollgate as its first, is modeling one of those variations, broadening our scope to involve community members of all ages while also ensuring that our Village enables those who wish to age in place with us.


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As the Village Movement grew, Helpful Village was founded to provide support services and resources, including webpages and email programs. Helpful Village designed an accessible online system for matching volunteers to those requesting help, managing check-in calls and other vital aspects of a successful village.



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