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Creating an Intergenerational Community

We are committed to:

      Create opportunities for individuals to use their talents to improve our Village and benefit the overall community

      Encourage and create opportunities for intergenerational mentorship

      Enhance health and enrich lives through social events and activities that minimize isolation and promote interaction and trust within the Village

      Provide support among individuals of all ages who offer their help and those who ask for help when needed

Help our members age in a place of their choosing, with the support systems and tools necessary to do so successfully  

Enhance community resilience by strengthening interpersonal connections and providing an efficient means of sharing communication and resources


Here are some answers to
frequently asked questions!

WAIT!!  Isn't this just for senior citizens?

No! We know this could be a little confusing because many of the Villages around the country and the world are indeed focused on helping seniors age in place. However, Age Friendly Sisters Country, our sponsoring organization, is focused on inclusive living for all ages--literally, friendly to all ages! Here in Tollgate, we want to include all of our neighbors--families, seniors, couples, singles, dogs, cats, bunnies ... We want to be a truly inclusive, multigenerational, safe and enjoyable Village. We hope you will join us!

Is Tollgate Village part of the
Tollgate Property Owners Association?

No, we are not! Tollgate Village is partnering with the Tollgate Property Owners Association; we are two separate nonprofits, with TPOA board member Jennifer Horrocks as the liaison from the board to the Village.

Tollgate Village is focused on social connections and service to our neighbors, as well as building relationships among Tollgate residents. As a separate non-profit organization, we will collaborate with TPOA in building positive relationships and better utilizing our common assets. 

Can anybody become a Tollgate Village member?

Once again, no. Tollgate Village members must be either renters or property owners in Tollgate. Activities and events will be for Tollgate renters or property owners only.

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Tollgate Village FAQs


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The Coronavirus Effect

COVID-19 may have turned all our lives upside down, but the two essential pillars of Tollgate Village—strengthening community and helping each other—have proven invaluable in these difficult times. Our person-to-person outreach has increased, deepening friendships and developing trusted connections among members and volunteers alike. Our amazing volunteers are offering phone check-ins and donning masks and gloves to provide members with essential services by making sure they have food and medicine, are safe at home, and have transportation for necessary medical appointments.


Strengthening Friendships Through Shared Activities

     Connections forged before the  onset of the virus have not only served as a springboard for even greater outreach, communication and genuine caring in this time of crisis, they are also creating the impetus for finding new ways to strengthen our neighborhood as we move forward together.

     The Village provides a platform for connecting both through play as well as helping one another when needed, making Tollgate a more vibrant neighborhood in which to live.


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